A/C and Heating Repair

When temperatures rise, there’s nothing more refreshing than getting into a cool, air-conditioned car. However, auto A/C and heating systems can wear over time with use, and your refreshingly cold air becomes…hot. Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair can perform routine auto A/C maintenance and heating system repairs which will keep your car comfortable for you and your passengers. Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair offers quality auto repair services in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

What You Need To Know About Auto A/C and Heating in Atlanta, GA

When it’s hot and sticky outside, there’s nothing better than getting into a nice cool air-conditioned car. Today’s automotive A/C systems are more reliable and trouble-free than ever, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear over time. In most cases, the system just loses its refrigerant slowly due to the porosity of the rubberized hoses, lines, gaskets and seals in the system…and when that happens, that refreshingly cool air isn’t cool or refreshing anymore.

At Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair, our technicians are trained and experienced in routine automotive A/C and heating maintenance…it’s something that should be done yearly and should just become part of your regular preventive maintenance routine for your vehicle.

  • These are all symptoms of air conditioning problems:
  • Air doesn’t blow cool or is barely cooler than the air outside
  • Air blows cool while the car is moving, but not at idle
  • Foul “gym socks” smell from A/C vents
  • Regular metallic clicking noise from under the hood, as the compressor’s magnetic clutch, cycles the unit on and off due to low refrigerant

Your car’s heater is driven by hot coolant from the radiator; it circulates through a miniature radiator called a heater core, which is located behind the dashboard on the passenger side. A damper controls the amount of flow through the heater core, and the blower motor directs hot air from there through the ducts and vents in the passenger compartment. Your heater core is only as healthy as your radiator and cooling system; a radiator that is loaded up with scale and corrosion can easily mean a clogged heater core as well.

At Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair in Atlanta, GA, we will:

  • Inspect your A/C compressor and drive belt
  • Check the system and recharge with a refrigerant that contains a dye to make it easy to pin down leaks
  • Check all the hoses, seals and O-rings for condition
  • Check the interior air temperature at the vents 

Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair offers  Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Heating System Service

Don’t suffer through another hot Atlanta summer with an uncomfortable car. Make an appointment with us at Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair for a full A/C system checkup!

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