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Cars Are Safer Than Ever, But…

Here’s the good news. If you have the misfortune of being in a collision in a later-model car, your chances of survival are better than ever. For a long time, Auto Repair in Atlanta GApeople thought that the mass of sheet metal and drivetrain in a 60s or 70s-era car inherently kept the driver and passengers safer. That’s now been definitively proven wrong.

Vintage cars have been crash-tested with newer, much smaller and lighter vehicles, and it’s the vintage cars that always come out much worse in these encounters. With no seatbelts, no airbags, no padded surfaces, old-style safety glass and doors that could pop open and eject the occupants, older cars were pretty lethal, really. With 50s-era cars in particular, their rigid frames and bodies might hold up fairly well in a collision…but the passengers, not so much.

Newer cars ...

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Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Auto Repair in Atlanta, GASpring is a great time to schedule maintenance and auto repair for improved safety and vehicle performance! Prepare for summer heat and road trips with Goodyear of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. Let’s go over a few ideas on getting your car ready for upcoming travel: 
Oil Changes: Of all the auto repair we do at Goodyear of Buckhead, oil changes are one of the most common, and for good reason. Oil changes at regular intervals are a great way to get the most miles out of your vehicle. When you’re headed out on vacation, the miles pile up much faster than you might think! Can’t remember when your last oil change was? Give us a call and let us do this routine auto repair in Atlanta, GA. 
Tire Rotation: Like oil changes, tire rotations are a very common mainte ...
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