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A Quick Tire Buying Guide

The good news is, the selection of tire designs has expanded greatly in the last 30 years. The bad news is, that can become a little confusing if you're not sure Tires in Atlanta GAwhat kind of tires you really need. It doesn't have to be, though. 

It all comes down to your driving style, your vehicle, the road conditions and climate where you live and your budget. Here's a quick breakdown: 

All-season tires, like the name implies, are designed for good performance in a variety of weather conditions. For  most drivers of cars, minivans, light trucks and SUVs, all-season tires are a great choice, with a forgiving ride, low road noise and decent handling properties and road manners. Like the name implies, though, they're also a compromise and don't offer the precise handling of performance tires, or ...

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A Look at the Kelly Edge A/S

Take a closer look at one of our top selling tires, the Kelly Edge A/S. `
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Why Are Tires Loud Sometimes?

Tires Atlanta, GATire noise, the monotonous drone of rubber on pavement, can be the most annoying sound you ever heard. Some tires are relatively quiet and unobtrusive, some make a hypnotic hum, and others create a din so loud that makes it hard to even carry on a conversation inside the vehicle. Why are some tires so darn noisy? At Goodyear of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, we get that question rather often.

 Let’s analyze that, using a little bit of tire science and physics.

A big part of the noise level of tires is tied into “pattern noise.” The noise occurs because air is continually trapped and released in the grooves and voids of the tread itself as the tire rolls along the pavement. As a general rule, tires that have a lug or block tread pattern, as in light truck or mud-terrain tires, tend to have a noticeably higher noise l ...

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New Tires to Show Mom You Care

Tires in Atlanta, GAYour Mom is great and she’s always been there for you. You want to keep her safe and happy as spring turns into summer. Why not show her how much you love her with a set of new tires from Goodyear of Buckhead? 
Here are a couple of things to bear in mind if you’re considering new tires in Atlanta, GA:
If you can’t afford a set of four new tires, it’s acceptable to replace only two. If you have to go that route and can only buy two new tires, remember to put them on the rear wheels. While you may lose some handling with worn tires in front, new tires in front will clear water from their own path and leave the worn rear tires to oversteer and skid.
It’s important to r ...
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