Auto Repair in Atlanta, GASpring is a great time to schedule maintenance and auto repair for improved safety and vehicle performance! Prepare for summer heat and road trips with Goodyear of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. Let’s go over a few ideas on getting your car ready for upcoming travel: 
Oil Changes: Of all the auto repair we do at Goodyear of Buckhead, oil changes are one of the most common, and for good reason. Oil changes at regular intervals are a great way to get the most miles out of your vehicle. When you’re headed out on vacation, the miles pile up much faster than you might think! Can’t remember when your last oil change was? Give us a call and let us do this routine auto repair in Atlanta, GA. 
Tire Rotation: Like oil changes, tire rotations are a very common maintenance item for customers of Goodyear of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. Rotation at regular intervals helps stretch out your tires’ service life by ensuring even wear patterns; you’ll notice an immediate difference in ride and handling. Most manufacturers recommend a 5,000 mile interval for tire rotations, so it just makes sense to schedule them both when you set up appointments for auto repair in Atlanta, GA. 
A/C Service: Nobody likes sweating in a hot, stuffy car in the Georgia summer. At Goodyear of Buckhead, we’ll recharge your AC system with refrigerant that contains a dye to make any system leaks easy to find. We also clear any bugs and debris from the condenser and check the drive belt and overall condition of the AC components. It’s all part of routine maintenance and auto repair to keep your vehicle on the road this summer.. 
Spring and summer are a great time to schedule auto repair. In Atlanta, GA, Goodyear of Buckhead wants to be your destination and we’ve got decades of experience in auto repair in Atlanta, GA. Call us and set up an appointment for top quality tires or auto repair