If you’re in Atlanta, you probably remember the ice storm of a couple of years back that left people stranded all over the whole region. Before another mess like Winter Driving in Atlanta GA that hits again, make sure you’ve got a good trouble bag packed in your vehicle. Here are some suggestions:

--Winter cap and gloves, sweater, blanket

--Ice scraper and brush

--Kitty litter or sand can help give you some traction in snow or ice


--Cellphone charger or power bank

--Jumper cables

--Highway flares or a strobe flasher

--Well-stocked first aid kit

--Water and snacks, including some high-protein items

A trouble bag is essential, but don’t neglect your vehicle. Here’s a checklist of things to go over before the snow starts flying:

--Tires should have a good 6/32” of tread depth. Stick a penny in your tread grooves; if the rubber reaches Lincoln’s head, your tires are at the state-mandated minimum depth of 2/32”. Try again with a quarter. If the rubber touches Washington’s head, your tread depth is 4/32”. One more time with the penny; does the rubber reach the Lincoln Memorial? If so, your tread depth is 6/32”.

--Your cooling system does more than keep the engine cool in hot weather…it also protects against freezeups in winter. Make sure your coolant is in good shape, as well as the radiator, hoses, and water pump. Remember that your heater and defroster run off the cooling system.

--Check your wipers, headlights, and washer fluid level

--Your battery’s job gets much harder in winter…motor oil thickens, making it harder to turn the engine over, and the chemical reaction in the battery actually slows during sub-freezing weather. Make sure your battery, cables, and clamps are in good shape before the snow flies.

Are you sure your car’s up to speed for winter? You really don’t want to get stuck somewhere…make an appointment with us at Goodyear of Buckhead and let us give your vehicle a good thorough going-over before it gets bad outside. Better safe than sorry, right?