There are so many brands and designs of tires on the market, it can become pretty confusing and almost overwhelming. Your choice depends on your vehicle, Goodyear Tires in Atlanta GA your needs, your driving style and (of course) your wallet. Which are the right tires for your vehicle?

Here’s a little guide to help you understand what’s available:

--Summer tires are designed for great traction and ride quality in warm weather, on wet or dry pavement. Summer tires use a tread pattern and rubber formulation that offer good handling and cornering, but this softer, stickier tread compound wears more quickly and is not advised for cold weather.

-- All-season tires are a great choice for most family vehicles. Available in touring and passenger varieties, all-season tires are designed for long wear, good road manners and good performance in most weather conditions, but don’t perform well in extreme winter conditions. For low noise, forgiving ride and good all-around performance, though, all-season tires are great for most drivers.

--Performance tires are similar to summer tires in their tread design and rubber formulation, and are available in high-performance, UHP and competition styles. While performance tires offer great cornering and steering response, the tradeoff comes in a shorter service life – some don’t even offer a treadwear warranty.

--Winter tires are purpose-built for harsh winter driving in deep snow. They’re designed to stay soft and flexible in sub-freezing temperatures and feature a deep, aggressive tread design for traction. Today’s winter tires rival the best touring tires in ride and handling, but their soft tread compound wears quickly in temperatures above 40 degrees.

--If you drive a truck or SUV, you need truck tires. As trucks have evolved, so have their tire. Today’s truck tires are available in designs that range from highway tires (with ride and noise levels that rival passenger tires) to all-terrain, off-road and even performance tires.

It’s recommended that you replace tires with ones that are the same size as your original tires – changing tire sizes can adversely affect fuel economy, handling and even speedometer readings.

Whatever you drive and whatever type of tires you decide to go with, make an appointment with us at Goodyear of Buckhead. We’ve got tires from the Goodyear/Dunlop/Kelly family that’ll be great for your vehicle – and at a price you’ll love!