Brake Repair

Are your brakes squealing at you, but you don't want to break the bank? Visit Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair for affordable brake repair in Atlanta, GA. 

The average American driver puts about 12-15,000 miles per year on a car. If you were to attach a counter to the brake pedal, that would come out to about 75,000 applications of the brakes over that year's time. That might seem like an excessively high number...until you think about how many times you alternate between the accelerator and brake pedal in Atlanta rush hour traffic! 

The ceramic or semimetallic friction material of brake pads is hard and wears down very slowly. Brake pads can typically last 40-60,000 miles, meaning that it can be hard to notice when they're really starting to wear down to the point of needing replacement. Here are some signs to watch out for, though: 

  • Longer stopping distances
  • Tendency to pull to one side while stopping
  • Vibration or pulsation felt through the brake pedal
  • Longer brake pedal travel
  • Brake pedal feels "soft" or "spongy" underfoot
  • One or more wheels tends to lock up while braking
  • Loud screeching, squealing or metallic grinding sound while braking

If you hear the metallic grinding we mentioned, that's really a bad sign. It means that your brake pads have worn to a point where the metal backing plates for the pads are dragging on the rotors to slow you down, destroying the rotors' smooth steel surface. This is obviously very unsafe and will double the cost of your brake repair! 

You depend on your brakes. You need the peace of mind of knowing that when you press on the brake pedal, your car's going to safely come to a stop. Don't just take them for granted -- make an appointment with us at Buckhead Tire & Auto Repair for a complete brake system inspection.


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